FacialCleanse and Massage

Includes a deep facial cleanse with neck and chest being an-add on if desired. Then we would do a full skin analysis where we would look at concerns and skin type. At this point we would assess which exfoliation (removal of dead skin) method would be necessary. Then we incorporate extractions if needed, and continue with European massage. We follow up with a mask and hand and arm massage. We conclude with special product serums and spot treatments, and toner and moisturizer. All facials can come with additional mini services such as: Hand Rejuvenation (brings moisture back in the skin or focus on hyper-pigmentation or discoloration), Eye Treatment (focus on fine lines and puffiness), Lip Treatment (focus on lip lines from smoking, aging, or straw drinking. Also helps with dryness and chapping.)

Mini Facial

Includes all the features of a facial, except there is no massage. Also, there is shorter time on each step of the above full facial. This cuts the time in half, but there is still options of add ons with this service as well.

Hot Stone Facial

In this luxurious Facial warm, smooth river stones are used to gently massage the face, hands, arms, neck and upper back. Circulation is stimulated and toxins are eliminated, but other benefits include firming, toning and excess fluid removal. In combination of using SkinPhd we will target and treat all skin concerns. You will float away after this Facial.