Superoxidant Vitamin E & A Serum

A luxuriously rich serum, which is easily absorbed into the skin, providing the ultimate degree of nourishment and leaving the skin feeling velvety smooth and silky soft. Regular use of this product will visibly improve the overall condition of the skin, restoring a youthful complexion.


Platinum Hematite G-Cell Serum

Contains mineral Hematite, rich in iron and energy to optimize the skin's collagen production. Assists in wrinkle-reduction with a skin-plumping effect. Boosts skin's metabolism, helping the cells oxygenate. Activated stem cells from grapes impart powerful anti-oxidants into the skin, reducing the stress caused by free-radicals. The result is illuminated, oxygenated skin that glows with health.


Renaissance Even Tone Day Serum

This unique serum has been specially formulated for a radiant look and to impart the appearance of even-tone in the skin. It contains a vitamin-based complex featuring Niacinamide, Arnica, and concentrated African Kalahari Melon Extract that helps to protect against the appearance of UV and free-radical damage. Rich in natural plant extracts and Vitamin B6, this product leaves the skin looking supple, radiant, and illuminated.


Liposome C & E Serum

An intensive serum formulated with Liposome-bound Vitamin C, which is a very stable form of Vitamin C enriched with Vitamin E and B6. Regular use imparts an overall reduction of roughness and fine wrinkle appearance while improving the skin’s visible tone and brightness, leaving skin looking illuminated.