Silk Finish

Silk FinishSmooth & Brighten Skin - $20

This treatment is great for anyone that is concerned with dead skin, dull facial appearance, and vellus hair (baby fine white facial hairs). During this treatment we do a deep cleanse, skin analysis, and exfoliation. One could also choose to upgrade to a chemical peel during this treatment and receive optimal benefits. The chemical peel will greater the chances of sloughing off ALL epidermal dead skin. After exfoliation, we dry the face and use an instrument to assist in the manual exfoliation process and removal of vellus hair. This treatment is very popular because of the instant gratification the client sees in the smoothness and brightening of the skin. Pustular acneic clients would not be a good candidate for this treatment because we do not want to spread bacteria throughout the face. All others skin types are allowed.