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Spray Tan Care

We all want that beautiful sunkissed look without the UV damage. Well, we have the perfect service for you!

Here's how to have a long-lasting, gorgeous tan:

Pre-Treatment Instructions

It is best recommended to shower, shave/wax, and exfoliate at least 24 hours in advance to session. Exfoliating and shaving/waxing will help even out the skin tone, buff away dead skin, and ensures no streaks. After showering, please be sure to skip any lotions or oils any time within the 24 hours prior to receiving a spray tan. Lotions and oils prevent the solution from absorbing into the skin evenly. The solution is also water-based, so any oil based products can and will affect the spray tan.

Post-Treatment Instructions

The type of solution will affect the developing time. If a 1 hour solution is chosen, it can be left on between 1-5 hours – try not to leave on past 5 hours. If an 8 hour solution is chosen, it can be left on between 5 and 8 hours. For best results, leave on as long as possible without exceeding 8 hours. Avoid wearing any light colored or tight clothing until rinse is complete.

Rinse with lukewarm water or cold water without soap or scrubbing. Hot water can shorten the life of the spray tan. After rinsing, use a clean dry towel and pat skin until dry. Moisturize twice a day for the next couple weeks. Do not use any scrubs or harsh body washes as this can strip the spray solution. Avoid any products that are oil-based, as this will affect the results.

Remember that the spray tan solution does not protect from any UV rays or sun damage, it is important to wear sunscreen!

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