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Continuing Education

Are you a licensed esthetician looking for extra training and knowledge? Or a student who is needing continuing education hours? Well look no further! We offer classes with a certificate of completion locally and affordably.

Upcoming Classes

Chemical Peel

March 14, 2023

5pm - 7:30pm

2.5 hours long

More of an advanced treatment. For experienced estheticians or those who are highly eager to advance their menu. Or just brush up on their science knowledge.  Learn a variety of peels and what different strengths offer for the skin. We will discuss different skin concerns and touch of disease and disorders that peels can help with. We will also discuss contraindications for peels. Dos and don'ts and a touch up of all things peels from esthetics school. We will also do a practical class with models for live demonstration. Full in depth info on chemical peels.

Custom Facial

April 18, 2023

5pm - 7pm

2 hours long

Get the most out of your custom facial by bringing the basics back to your facials. Learn all the tips and tricks you may have missed in school with our custom facial class. Focusing on massage and skin analysis. With also discussion on each step to giving the most in a facial in 50 minutes. How to capitalize on each client with full knowledge from start to finish with this basic but fully loaded class in custom facials. You will be a pro after this class.


April 4, 2023

5pm - 7pm

2 hours long

Learn about the basics on dermaplaning and getting to know how to start dermaplaning. We will discuss all the basics from how to use the blade, how to order your blades and handle, what direction to dermaplane, what products and serums go best with dermaplaning, what contraindications to look out for, and also practical with models.

Business 101

May 16, 2023

5pm - 8pm

3 hours long

Learn how to start a business, run your own business, booth rental concepts or become more advantageous in the business your already in to become a bigger asset to the company. Make the most off of every client and learn the basics of marketing, networking, building your clientele and keeping them coming back for more. This class is fun and exciting to meet other business professionals with knowledge and networking information.

More Information

1 on 1

A more intesive and personable teaching style hosted by Carmen Trissal. Can be about a specific service or an overview of multiple services.


Perfect for a small group of students or licensed estheticians who are looking for extra training and knowledge for a specific service.

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